Deploy NuxtJS (v2.x) on Qoddi

Qoddi is a proud sponsor of NuxtJS and free to use for developers!

Nuxtjs is a great framework to build Vue.js applications.

Deploying Nuxtjs on Qoddi from any Git repo uses the NodeJS buildpack and takes only 3 minutes.

You can clone this repository and launch it directly on Qoddi.

Live demo of Nuxt+Nitro:

Create an app on Qoddi :

Read this article for a detailed procedure or check this video :

Verify your build command

The build command on package.json differs according to the target command inside nuxt.config.js:

If the target is server use nuxt build
If the target is static use nuxt generate

Example with a server target :

"scripts": {
    "dev": "nuxt",
    "build": "nuxt build",
    "start": "nuxt start"

Example with a static target:

"scripts": {
    "dev": "nuxt",
    "build": "nuxt generate",
    "start": "nuxt start"

See for more information.

Connect your Git Repository

Connect your Git repository using Automatic or Manual mode. See this article for more details.

Qoddi will automatically start to build your NuxtJS app from your repository and install everything.

Wait a couple of minutes for the builder to clone your code, build it and deploy it to the Qoddi’s cluster, and your app is live!

You can visit the Logs page to see the building process of your app:

Your NuxtJS app is now on Qoddi!

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