Why can’t I use docker-compose?

Qoddi is a load-balanced high availability environment, constituted in several clusters with a serverless implementation.

Each app created on Qoddi is completely isolated from others, and the app management is done by the Qoddi’s engine that interacts with Swarm, Docker, and other components.

Since you can’t access the docker run functions with Qoddi, you can’t use the docker-compose file. Nonetheless, you can activate these settings directly from the ‘Settings’ tab of your app:

  • Adding or removing Virtual Disks.
  • Fixing the NGINX proxy headers and the Container port.
  • Adding and removing Environment variables.
  • Scaling your app vertically and horizontally.
  • Expose your app or isolate it from the outside world (recommended for Datastores).

It is also good practice to create different apps for the services that are running your service: datastores, web UI, APIs, etc.

With different apps, you can scale each service independently and achieve better fault tolerance.

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