What kind of apps can’t I run on Qoddi?

Qoddi is designed to easily build and run your code and manage your app. Qoddi consists of several hundred clusters from all around the world.

You can run almost any app on Qoddi, except apps that require you to use a reserved port. All common or web apps ports can be used (like 80, 443, 3000, and so on.), and Qoddi will automatically route the query to the proper app.

All apps that use a transport layer based on an IP address instead of a domain name and all apps that require you to use a reserved port can’t be in use with Qoddi. This category includes FTP services, SSH., and more. You can launch this kind of app with Qoddi, but you’ll not have the capacity to connect to the app because Qoddi will not route the traffic to the final app. If you need to run this kind of apps, you can use VPS or dedicated servers.
In conclusion, the only apps that you can’t run on Qoddi are apps requiring a reserved port or use a transport layer.

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