What are DEV apps?

First off, DEV apps are not a “bad quality” version of Qoddi’s instances.

Instead, DEV apps run on the same clusters and datacenters as other apps but with limited resources allocated.

Features of DEV apps

DEV apps only have:

  • Shared CPU Core (no dedicated ressources, max 1 vCPU at any time)
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 5GB maximum build size
  • No datastores or custom domains can be used with Dev Apps

    However, like all other Qoddi apps, Dev Apps also get:
  • Free and unlimited traffic.
  • 50GB maximum disk space, $0.016/day for each additional GB (for Marketplace apps only)
  • Unlimited build time.
  • Free monitoring with email/text messages alerts.
  • Always-ON apps (That’s right, Dev Apps can run 24/7 like all others).

Scaling features are not available with Dev Apps.

Benefits of DEV apps

DEV apps are perfect for:

  • Testing code and getting started with Qoddi or Docker.
  • Hosting websites in development mode.
  • Discovering new language and datastores – you can launch a GO instance, browse some Youtube tutorials about Golang, and have fun!
  • DEV Instances should never be used in production environments as ressources are not guaranteed, and service is not monitored like production apps.
  • DEV apps can’t scale: you can’t add additional nodes or upgrade the size of a DEV app later.

In Conclusion,

DEV apps are capable, free instances with the right features to test a build before going into full production.

DEV apps cannot use more than the quota of resources assigned to them: if the limit of CPU or RAM is reached (even slightly), the app will crash and automatically restart. This can negatively impact the app’s reliability, and DEV apps should never be used for production services.

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