Using different Procfile for the same repository

Sometimes you may need to use the same repository and codebase to run apps with different tasks. The most common usage is the same codebase being used for a web-facing app and a worker. In this case, you will need to have at least two different Procfile and, if not, maintain two exact copies of your code with a different Procfile to launch different commands when the app starts.

Qoddi lets you choose up to 5 Procfile and uses Procfile by default.

To use a second Procfile (ie, for a worker app):

  • Add a file Procfile2 to your repository,
  • Visit your worker app settings page and update the value of the Procfile to use to Procfile2 :
  • Trigger a new build of your app: Qoddi will now use Procfile2 instead of Procfile when building your app.

Important: Do not change this setting if you don’t use a Procfile with your app.

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