Updating an app on Qoddi

Qoddi automatically keeps your app up to date when a new version is released under the same main version of your app.

The process is slightly different depending on your app type :

App deployed from code

When you deploy your app from a Git source you can specify a runtime version for your app using the Procfile. If a version is specified, Qoddi will always respect this setting and will not update your app automatically but a rebuild of the app will occur since security updates can sometimes be applied on older versions.

If you didn’t specify a specific runtime version, Qoddi will automatically rebuild your app and apply the update.

This triggers a rebuilt of your app from your Git repository.

Marketplace Apps

Marketplace apps are updated automatically by Qoddi each time a new version is available and has been tested by our Operations Team. Usually, an update is applied automatically the same day a new version is published by the app developer.


Some apps are not updated automatically by Qoddi :

  • Docker apps : Docker apps are rebuilt only when you push a new version on Docker Hub or when you trigger manually a rebuild of the app. The docker is engine is kept up to date automatically by Qoddi on a daily basis

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