Resolving Build failures

A build failure is common and, in most cases, can be fixed very easily by using this checklist:

Verify the buildpack selected for your application

The specific file needs to be checked into your Git repository for the builder to select automatically the buildpack to use with your application.
Qoddi adheres to and Heroku buildpack requirements.

The file needed for each language is :

CodeFile required
NodeJS and frameworkspackage.json
Rack support for RubyGemfile

Ruby Builds

Qoddi’s buildpack for Ruby only includes minimal support for web servers. If the build fails because the Gemfile cannot be constructed by the builder, try to activate the “Ruby buildpack extension” from the add-on library on Qoddi.
For rack-based servers, adding a file to your Git repository automatically activates this add-on.

NodeJs Errors

The main reason why a NodeJS build fails is that the dependencies are not correctly declared inside the package.json file.

Before relaunching a build, verify:

  • Qoddi builds devDependencies during the build phase and use only Dependencies for the running build, pruning the image before sending it to the registry.
  • Make sure the Node version used is supported by Qoddi and update it if necessary.
  • Verify the npm version and that the dependencies you are trying to use is available

Contact us for help

If you are still encountering difficulties to build your app, Contact Us so we can help.

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