Read this if you are unable to register to Qoddi

Note: Beginning March 8, 2022, users located in Russia and Belarus are not able to register to Qoddi. Additionally, Qoddi added specific relief measures and policies for developers located in Ukraine. Read more.

Qoddi is a powerful app hosting platform and like any service that includes a free tier, Qoddi is slammed every day by thousands of registration with the only goal to run unlawful content, spambots or to use resources for illegal activities like Denial of Service or anything else you can imagine.

With this in mind we need to restrict the registration to only real, motivated developers that want to use our service for what it has been made for: hosting apps and services without breaking any law or trying to make a couple of dollars on other people’s backs and hard work.

We’re sorry if we can’t allow you to register now, and we recognize that some legit users may be blocked by our anti-fraud system.

Here’s what you can do if you are unable to register:

  • Don’t use an anonymous email address; those are automatically filtered, and if you keep trying to register with an anonymous or temporary email we will bann your IP address definitively,
  • Don’t use a VPN, Proxy, or any other software to hide your identity: we need to properly identify you in order to activate your account.
  • Contact us if you believe you have been blocked without any reason. Please note that we will not reply if we think the reason to restrict your access to Qoddi is justifiable, and, ultimately, we keep the right to refuse or suspend any account

We know this can cause you some inconvenience, and we will do our best to activate your account as soon as possible.

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