Qoddi Credit programs

Qoddi credits are used to pay for all paid services offered by Qoddi. There is no exclusion to the use of Qoddi’s credit.

With credits available on your account you can verify your account using Stripe ID Verification instead of a credit card and have no card on file to use Qoddi’s production service using only credits.

Qoddi credits cannot be redeemed for cash and have different expiration dates depending on the program used to earn the credits.

How to get credits

Here’s the available program to get free credits:

  • Qoddi Affiliate program: $25 in credits for each person you refer to Qoddi after they spend at least $25 (coming soon).
  • Qoddi Startup program: for bootstrapped and angel-backed startup companies – Up to $50,000 in credits.
  • Qoddi Student program if you are enrolled in a Computer Science degree or equivalent. $250 per year.
  • Qoddi program to code-treaching structures: if you are a student of a code-teaching program, including free programs. $200 in credit per year as long as you remain a student.

How to apply

Each program has specific eligibility requirements. Please check the program you want to register with to see how to apply.

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