Qoddi account verification procedure

Thank you for using Qoddi.

You have been redirected to this page because your Qoddi account requires additional verification. We need to verify account ownership periodically to prevent fraud, illegal activities, and misuse of our service.

We know this procedure can be cumbersome and we apologize in advance!

Please note that accounts that are not completing this verification will not be able to activate billing and deploy production apps and will go dormant after 30 days. Once an account is dormant all apps will be deleted until the verification is completed and the account reactivated.

How to verify your account

To verify your account, please send an email to [email protected] from your verified account email on Qoddi.

Attach to this email:

  • Copy of a government issued ID such as an identity card, driver license or passport,
  • A proof of residency such as an electricity or telephone bill or a bank account statement,
  • A brief description on how you will Qoddi services and the type of apps you want to deploy.

If those documents are not in English, please provide a certified translation. Passports are accepted without translation from all countries. Driver licenses issued in French-speaking Canadian provinces are also accepted.

How long this process takes

We do our best to process all verification requests in less than 48 hours but if we require additional documents or verification this process can take longer. Please wait during the process, we will activate your account as soon as possible.

How do we treat information and respect your privacy

Qoddi will use the documentation provided only for the purpose of this verification. We do not retain any documentation provided longer than during the process of the verification but we store securely in a cold database (not connected to the Internet) the following data: name, date of birth, addresses, IP addresses of registration and login, email addresses and linked accounts if necessary.

How long the verification is valid

We are not disclosing our verification procedures and what may trigger an additional verification. There is no specific time attached to a verified account and we can request a new verification at any time.

Please note that Qoddi don’t suspend an account or running apps when verification is required but accounts that are not verified after 30 days will go dormant and the attached running apps and data deleted.

Obtain more informations

To obtain more information about this process please contact our support team: [email protected]

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