Procfile apps (except Docker containers and Marketplace apps) uses a Procfile to determine the behavior of the app during the build process.

A Procfile is mainly used to declare the type of app from a network routing point of view (web or worker) and the scripts and commands launched when the app starts.

Note : When you create an app you have to specify the app type (web or worker), this can be altered at any time by changing the Procfile and changing the Network settings of the app inside the settings page.

For a web app, the Expose as WebApp must be activated and the Container port set to 8080 :

For a worker app Expose as WebApp can be set to OFF and the Container Port can stay to 8080 (no external traffic will be routed to the app).

Procfile location and name

The Procfile is always a text file named Procfile (no file extention) and placed in the root directory of your app

Procfile format

A Procfile uses one argument per line with this syntax :

<process type>: <command>

<process type> determine the type of command : web or worker
<command> indicate the command the app must execute at startup.

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