MeiliSearch is a blazing fast search engine allowing you to search through huge chunks of data quickly and from an API query.

MeiliSearch is available on Qoddi as a one-click app from the Qoddi marketplace. Due to the minimal requirements of MeiliSearch this type of app cannot be used as a Free app, you will need a paying account on Qoddi to use MeiliSearch.

Start MeiliSearch

To start MeiliSearch, simply select MeiliSearch inside the Qoddi’s Marketplace, select the location of your app a name and a size (WEB is the minimum size for MeiliSearch):

Qoddi will install and set up everything for you. After the installation go your app settings page, you will be able to access the MeiliSearch mini-dashboard to check the data available on MeiliSearch (it will be empty until you add documents).

Add data to MeiliSearch

To add data to the MeiliSearch engine, there are several options depending on your programming language. The MeiliSearch documentation covers the most common language and cURL as an option to quickly fill your search engine using a simple .json file and a cURL instruction.

Check this page to start with MeiliSearch and add data.

IMPORTANT: MeiliSearch instructs you to connect to MeiliSearch using <URL:7700, the :7700 port must be removed with Qoddi because the Qoddi engine automatically routes the MeiliSearch to the 7700 port of your app using an internal proxy. If you send a request by specifying the 7700 port the request will fail because the Qoddi engine will not route it.

Configuring MeiliSearch

MeiliSearch can be configured/customized using ENV Variables from your app settings page. Several ENV variables are set by default and can be modified:

MEILI_ENV : default value is development. Set this variable value to production to use MeiliSearch in a production environment (in production the mini-dashboard will be disabled).

MEILI_HTTP_PAYLOAD_SIZE_LIMIT : This is the maximum size of a document sent to the engine for indexation.

MEILI_MAX_MDB_SIZE : The maximum size of the MeiliSearch database, each Qoddi apps gets 50GB of free storage space, additional space is charged $0.016/GB/day. The value default is set to 10GB.

Learn more about MeiliSearch

The MeiliSearch documentation is the best place to learn more about MeiliSearch and create with this incredible tool.

We also published a blog post on how to create a NodeJS app and MeiliSearch to consume data using the MeiliSearch API.

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