How is the storage space billed?

Each Marketplace app gets 50GB of free SSD storage per app for any attached virtual disk.

The used total space is calculated and billed daily. Each GB above the maximum gets billed at $0.016/GB/day (~$0.50/GB/month).

Now, if you have an app with 52GB of total disk space used during the month, without any change, it is easy to calculate that you will be billed $1 for the additional space used.

If you used 52GB during the first week, then only 44GB for the rest of the month, you will only be billed $0.224 for the seven days you used an additional 2GB.

Most applications don’t need to use more than 5GB, and you can see the total space used by your application from the ‘Settings’ page but, keep in mind that this data is not in real-time and is updated daily.

Remember that Qoddi includes a private registry and the disk space used by the app itself doesn’t count against this quota, which means that only the files inside your virtual disks will count.

If your app record heavy logs from its activity inside the container and you need to access them regularly, we recommend using a virtual disk instead of a container’s space. A container itself is limited to 50GB of space in any case, and running out of disk space will cause your application to crash.

If that happens and your application crashes, it will restart immediately, and the local container disk will wipe out, erasing all the temporary data.

Virtual disks are the only data included in daily backups.

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