How the free tier is calculated on Qoddi

Qoddi’s free tier includes 3 Dev Apps (to host static websites only) + all essential apps for free. Essential apps are developer tools that your app needs to run, like database administration tools.

There is no limit on how many essential apps you can run, and even inside a production stack, those apps are free.

When you try to launch a Dev app while you already have 3 running, the system automatically forecasts the cost of this app to $3 per month. But in many cases, you can have more than 3 Dev apps for a limited amount of time (during staging or tests, for instance).

To make sure you are not overcharged, we calculate at the end of the month the total number of seconds used by all of your Dev apps (excluding Essential apps), and we bill per second only the excess of 8,035,200 seconds (3 times the number of seconds in one month).

That way, if you use 5 Dev apps for one week and only 1 Dev App for the rest of the month, you will not be charged.

If you have any questions about Qoddi or our billing system, feel free to contact us!

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