Environment Variables

Environment variables are essential to pass configuration and sensitive information to your app during runtime and during the build phases.

Qoddi supports the injection of environment variable during the whole cycle your app life from a single entry inside the app settings page. Any environment variable setup will be securely stored and passed on to the builder during the build stage of your app and to the engine when your app is running.

It’s a good security habit to use environment variables to store databases credentials, third-party services keys, and environment-specific configuration details to make sure your code doesn’t contain any sensitive information when stored on GitHub or other Git software.

Setup an Environment variable

Environment variables are managed from your app settings page:

When you add a new environment variable, your app will restart to reload with this environment variable. There is a delay of 1 minute between app restarts in case you need to add more environment variable at the same time.

Build Phase

Make sure to set up all required environment variables inside your app settings page before requesting your build. Environment variable are immediately available to the builder after being added to your app.

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