Deploy Retool in one click

Retool lets you build internal tools quickly. You can use building blocks like TablesTextInputs, and Dropdowns, read data from PostgreSQL, write back via an API, read some more data from Google Sheets, query it via SQL, and join it to data from Stripe.

Retool supports multiple databases and any HTTP API. Follow their quickstart or learn more at

Note: Retool requires at least 2GB of RAM to works properly, for production environment Retool must be installed on a WEB instance and up.

Retool is now available from Qoddi’s marketplace and can be deployed with a single click:

Qoddi will install Retool along with Postgres 14x and makes it available immediately.

After Retool is deployed visit to generate your license key:

Add an env variable LICENCE_KEY to your Qoddi app. Retool will restart and be ready in no time!

Enjoy Retool on Qoddi App Platform!

You can add additional features to Retool like Google OAuth login by adding the appropriate env variables to your app as explained here.

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