All about Backups and restoration

All backups, registries, and storage are free, and they don’t count against your data quota on Qoddi.

There are several mechanisms that have been built inside Qoddi to keep your data and your application safe, such as:

  • Qoddi includes a free, centralized private registry where all of your builds are stored. You can rebuild an application from one of the last 25 build versions of each application. You can also create a new application and deploy any from one of the latest 25 ‘builds’ of your applications.
  • Virtual Disks are backed up each day and stored in a separate data room with data immutability. The “Backups” tab shows you all the backups available for your apps and allows you to download a specific disk or recover the data by launching an instance using this volume.

Important note about Virtual Disks recovery: 

Launching a recovery on an application will create another application with the tag [RECOVERED]. This recovered application will use the same build image, settings, environment variables, and virtual disks as your original instance.

If the original app has several virtual disks, they will all be recovered and deployed. You’ll only have to reconnect your domain name if needed.


Data inside your application container is not persistent and will NOT be backed up on Qoddi. The non-persistent data will get wiped out every time your application restarts.

Only apps created from the Marketplace (including Docker containers) can use the Virtual disk feature with backup. Apps created directly from code uses an immutable file system and cannot store persistent data by design.

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