Install and setup MongoExpress (MongoDB admin tool)

When starting a standalone MongoDB database from the Marketplace, the system will ask if you want to install MongoExpress to manage your database and will install everything automatically.

If you need to install it later (or if you installed MongoDB as the same time of your app), follow this procedure to connect MongoExpress with your MongoDB database :

1/ Install MongoExpress from the Marketplace (from the Developer Tools section):

Make sure to select the stack where your MongoDB app is installed:
You can also choose another password for the MongoExpress dashboard if needed.

Once your app installed you need to replace 2 Environment variable inside the MongoExpress app settings.

First open your MongoDB app and copy the server address and the MongoDB password:

Now, go back to your stack and open the MongoExpress app:

Click Delete and add again both environment variables:

ME_CONFIG_MONGODB_SERVER by the internal name of your MongoDB app


After you replaced the environment variables it should look like that :

Wait for Qoddi to populate the new environment variables to the app and you should be able to access MongoExpress by clicking on the URL of the MongoExpress app.

The login is mongoexpress and the password for MongoExpress is the value of ME_CONFIG_BASICAUTH_PASSWORD:

In case of difficulties, please contact us.

Enjoy MongoExpress with your MongoDB app!

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